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A Parent's Experience

My daughter was diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma the day before her third birthday. I learned that congenital glaucoma is a rare and serious eye disorder that is caused by excessive pressure in the eye. The increased eye pressure damaged our daughter's optic nerve and cornea, causing vision loss and blindness.

We now know that these symptoms began in her infancy and were early signs of her glaucoma:

  • The extreme fussiness (discomfort caused by the elevated eye pressure)
  • The large eyes (caused by stretching of the eye)
  • The extreme light sensitivity (a sign of corneal injury, cloudy front of the eye) and tearing.
  • The tilting of the head and the closing of the eyes (also due to light sensitivity and loss of vision)

If your baby or child has any of the following symptoms please immediately consult your pediatrician and a pediatric ophthalmologist. These are signs of possible congenital glaucoma:

  • Cloudy corneas
  • Prominent Eyes
  • Tilting of the head in bright light
  • Closure of one or both eyes in the light
  • Excessive tearing
  • One eye larger than the other

- Sybil Miles-Garcia