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The following links are provided without recommendations implied or otherwise. Children's Glaucoma Foundation accepts no liability in respect to the information presented on these sites.

Aniridia Foundation International: www.aniridia.com

This site was set up to provide support and advice to children and their families affected by aniridia.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology: www.aao.org

The site offers a public information section which describes the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and surgery risk factors for adult glaucoma. Low vision resources for children are also discussed.

American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus: www.aapos.org

This site is designed as a resource for pediatric ophthalmologists, health care professionals and the general public in order to help promote better eye care.

Glaucoma Associates of New York: www.glaucoma.net/gany/gany.html

The Glaucoma Center at the Glaucoma Associates of New York was created for the purpose increasing the public's awareness of this blinding disease. The site presents information on the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and risk factors for glaucoma. The anatomy of the eye section is very helpful.

The Glaucoma Foundation: www.glaucoma-foundation.org

This international foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the worlds public about glaucoma and promoting glaucoma research. Their website offers a free 20 page patient's guide, as well as access to fact sheets and an eye newsletter. A youth support e group for glaucoma patients is on the site. Membership (free) is required.

Glaucoma Foundation of Australia: www.glaucoma.org.au/links.htm

This is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to minimize visual disabilities associated with glaucoma by increasing community awareness and understanding of the disease. The group supports patients and their families by providing information and by funding research. Well illustrated descriptions of the symptoms, forms, and treatments of the disease are on this site.

Glaucoma Health Fact Sheets From BUPA: hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/mosby_factsheets/Glaucoma.html

BUPA is a provident association in UK. The site offers concise fact sheets explaining the causes, symptoms, and treatment of glaucoma. These are available for downloading in the Adobe format.

GlaucomaNet: www.glaucomanet.org

This is the official site of the Greek Glaucoma Society

Glaucoma Research Foundation: www.glaucoma.com

This foundation is a national non- profit organization dedicated to the protection of sight. The web site includes a FAQ on glaucoma section, access to a free newsletter and fact sheets, as well as an interactive section for which you may register free of charge.

Glaucoma Service Foundation at Wills Eye Hospital: www.wills-glaucoma.org

This site presents general information about glaucoma. It has a "chat highlights" feature. In the month of September, pediatric glaucoma was one of the topics addressed in the chat session.

International Centre for Eye Health: www.iceh.org.uk/index.asp

This UK based charity aims to strengthen eye health education in developing countries. It publishes teaching and educational materials on the prevention of blindness, as well as provides care workers information on eye health.

International Glaucoma Association: www.glaucoma-association.com

The association offers patients a forum for ideas on glaucoma. The e group provides opportunities to ask questions, make comments, and answer questions in a supportive atmosphere. The e group is moderated.

Lowe Syndrome Association: www.lowesyndrome.org

This association is an international organization dedicated to helping children with Lowes Syndrome. Half of these children have glaucoma, as well as the other features of LS.

Keep Kids Healthy: www.keepkidshealthy.com

This site offers parenting advice, online forums, and pediatric news. It is meant to supplement information given by the child's pediatrician.

Medscape Pediatrics Journal Scan: www.medscape.com

A comprehensive collection of authoritative medical information is offered at this site. One can register free of charge to get access to detailed information and articles.

Methodist Health Care System: www.methodisthealth.com/eye/glauc.htm

This non- profit medical services and health care organization offers information on the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation: www.mlerf.org

This organization provides screening for glaucoma and other eye services.

National Eye Institute: www.nei.nih.gov

This website provides information for patients and their families so they can better understand the disease. It describes the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of glaucoma - mainly open angle glaucoma. There are several helpful drawings of the eye on this site.

National Glaucoma Research: www.ahaf.org/glaucoma/about/glabout.htm

This fund was established by the American Health Assistance Foundation to fund research on glaucoma and to educate the public about glaucoma.

National Library of Medicine's Medline Plus: www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus

This is a reference website that provides free access to the Medline databank.

National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD): www.rarediseases.org

The site provides keyword searchable information on many rare diseases including aniridia. The organization charges $7.50 for each detailed disease report. Reports are in language easy understandable by patients and families.

Pediatric Glaucoma and Cataract Family Association: www.pgcfa.org

This is an association of parents and professionals dealing with the daily challenge of pediatric glaucoma. The site intends to provide both information and support. The association has a newsletter.

Prevent Blindness America: www.prevent-blindness.org

This organization is one of the nation's leading volunteer health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight. The site has a useful glaucoma FAQ section.

St Lukes Eyecare Network: www.stlukeseye.com/glaucoma.htm

St Luke's Eyecare Network is a non-profit educational organization. This site offers good descriptions of the various types of glaucoma, the symptoms, the treatment and the risks. Drawings and photographs accompany the text.

Sturge-Weber Foundation: www.sturge-weber.com

A non profit organization for parents and professionals whose  mission is to educate the public and to facilitate and fund research.

USA Aniridia Network: www.aniridia.info

The USA Aniridia Network is an organization of US citizens dedicated to the support of aniridia patients, their families, and physicians.